Artist collaboration on sense of place

#dis:placed postal collaboration 2016

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In this collaboration each artist chose an inspirational location to select an object from that would capture the ‘essence’ of the chosen place.

This object was posted on to another artist to respond to, along with four words to give a clue to the context, but no other indication of the place from which it had been taken.

Every month for four months this cycle continued, with a total of four artists responding to each object.

The responses of each artist were catalogued and reproduced as postcards which were then returned to the source artist.

The process culminated in each piece of work being #re:placed at the original location; The outcome of replacing the artwork is documented as a video.

With thanks to all of the participating artists who have made this project such an exciting adventure:

David Smith; Linn O’Carroll; Bo Jones; Sarah Wills Brown; Stephen Carley; Joanna Walton; Ric Stott; Lauren Spencer; Karen Wood; Helen Tranckle; Karen Wicks

The final body of work has been curated and catalogued here as an exhibit at New Art Gallery Walsall in the ‘Otherwise Elsewhere’ exhibition from 29th July to 22nd September 2016. It will also be exhibited at South Staffs College in November 2016 and at Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2017.

This publication is available to purchase here:

***Note Work on page 10D should be attributed to Helen Tranckle 

The #replaced process is documented here:

Individual video responses can be watched separately from here:

Reflection upon being involved in this collaboration from various participants: